Simple and transparent

isLife will ask you for permissions in order to make use of elements needed to create movies... and any more! Photos, videos, audios, songs, texts, and your authentication previously to share on your behalf. Contacts will be used to send by mail.

YES: isLife makes use of this.

Camera (photos and Video): isLife makes use this to take shots or videos.

Microphone, records: isLife will use the microphone to record audios, or translate your voice into texts, and audio recorded and saved.

Library (Photos): isLife needs get acces to your Library, in order to allow you choose and select media from there.

Mail: sending movies by Mail, isLife will use your Mail contacts and accounts.

Contacts: your contacts will be used if sending by mail a movie.

iTunes Music: isLife will use your lists from ITunes if you have these ones on the device.

User contents: isLife will use the texts,photos, videos, audio, user’s voice or sound recordings, and the movies user-generated to create and publish movies.

NO: isLIfe never makes use.

Privacy: Your name, address, phone number, country, e-mail... those never will be used. You only can share a content in social nets on you behalf, or send a mail with contents.

Location: isLife never will use your location in any way.

Location: isLife never will use tracking services through websites.

Sensitive info: isLife never will use any information about ethnic data, sexual orientation, pregnancy or childbirth information, disability, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, political opinion, genetic information, or biometric data

iCloud account: isLife creates a private space for your backup, with no access to other data from your account.

Financial info: isLife never make use of financial info, contact info, location, purchases.

Identifiers: isLife will post on social nets by comunicating with the default Apple option for sharing.

Data Usage: Nothing at all about your behavior, interactions, posts, clicks, starting of the app, never will be tracked, neither used.