What can do with isLife. Movies, your own movies for sharing, remix, save, send...

How it works. When starting the app, you´ll have the oportunity to take videos or photos, audio, or set a TITLE for this moment (or chapter), creating thus a storyline that could be continued with other chapters or days. Whenever you want, you could change the date for those chapters, reordering all of them.

Chapters. Each date is a chapter on the time. You’ ll see, touching over the coloured point (that identifyes a story or storyline with chapters) all of the elements you’ve included: touching over the circles you’ll see  the selected elements. The buttons on the bottom allow you choose a kind of element, add, take, delete, whenever you want. The date can be changed, and also the top title.

A bar at the top of the screen shows the complete set of dates (chapters) you’ve created, and speed up the movement between dates. The text for each chapter could become an introduction to the chapter or storyline of chapters joined.

Timelines become Movies. When you want to join various chapters, you’re creating a storyline, a movie with a flow of chapters. You can create a movie with all of them o choosing whatever you want.

Editing chapters. Touching on the point, you’ll see the bottom bar changing between the main buttons and the editing buttons.

Photos (camera, library, albums), Video (camera, library), Audio (microphone, records), Music (iTunes, FreeSongs), Text (for photos and videos), and Storylines. Add elements whenever you want, there is no movie yet, but you can visualize it if you want: movies are build on the fly.

Play previews of movies. Touching on the play button (main bar), you’ll se the range of the video or timeline of videos you’ve choosed, and duration of music.

The skeleton of your composition. But, if you want change the composition? You can choose a storyline, fully or partially, or a single chapter, or the chapters you decide. For each one of them, you see the number of elements and kind of music as background sound. Inside each chapter, you can include only photos, or only movies, if you prefer it that way. A black view will show the time arrangement of items, dates, and music.

A sharing button will offer you information about the possible targets to send to (copyright free music is always shareable, copyrighted music can’t be shared on social nets like facebook, instagram... you could be banned there).

Playing. You can play your videos on the fly, don’t worry about space, there is no file taking up space. Instead, when you want share a movie, you’ll create one and be able to save or share it.

Your copyright. At the end of the movie, you can include your own logo, whatever the name or title , and a license fot your video (Creative Commons licenses).

Protection. Touching on the record button, before post or share on your behalf, the app needs you to authenticate: only you or with your permission will do. 

Let’s go: share! Then, you could share your movies, by now in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp (directly only in iPhone), Telegram, Mail, or save it into the App. When a video has a copyrighted song, cannot be shared in some social nets. But is free privately. Take care: your account can be banned when you publish copyrighted material.

Processing! Depending on the number of elements and total duration, the process will continue and...

Choose: the App, the library, both, only send it, where to send it! All right, it’s done: decide what to do.

Now, will see more about the work with isLife: audios, the license and copyright, cleaning of unused files, wallpaper, hidding and saving of old dates, use of iCloud, synchronization between devices...